Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

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Imaging Center at Albany Memorial Hospital
600 Northern Boulevard, Albany - (518) 471-3280
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Imaging Center at Samaritan Hospital
2215 Burdett Avenue, Troy - (518) 271-3482

Northeast Health Imaging Center
WalMart Plaza, Route 4, East Greenbush - (518) 880-6300
Or, schedule your appointment online.

Women's Health Center at Samaritan Hospital
2215 Burdett Avenue, Troy - (518) 271-3288

More than a century ago, the discovery of x-rays allowed physicians - for the first time - to look inside the human body.

Today dramatic breakthroughs in the science of imaging -- such as MRI and spiral CT scanning -- are enabling specialists to diagnose and even treat complex medical conditions.

That amazing technology is available right here at the Imaging Centers of Northeast Health.

At each of our imaging centers we provide:

Additional services available at the imaging centers at Albany Memorial Hospital and Samaritan Hospital:

  • Fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Angiography/Interventional
  • PET/CT (Samaritan Hospital only)

Board certified radiologists ... experienced staff ... and hours to fit your busy schedule.

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