Advances in Information Technology for Physicians

One of our top priorities is to make continuing advances in the use of IT for our physicians. We believe technology has the dual benefit of improving the internal productivity of our staff, while at the same time, making our hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities very efficient places for physician to practice medicine.

We are pleased to announce additional improvements which will provide significant benefits for our medical staff.

MEDITECH and the Internet - September 2001
As part of our overall Internet initiative we've fully "web enabled" MEDITECH access. Physicians (and thier staff) can simply go to our web site at and click on Online Services/Physicians Only, where you'll find instructions for accessing MEDITECH directly from your Internet connection. All it takes is downloading some "client software" and emailing our help desk (271-3495) for a user name and password and you'll be all set. With the growth of high speed Internet connections, such as Roadrunner, we think you'll find this a significant improvement in speed and accessibility. This mode of access also fully complies with the new HIPAA standard for encryption of patient information.

MEDITECH Printing - September 2001
We are pleased to announce that with some recent software upgrades we are now able to support most personal printers with MEDITECH. You will need to contact the help desk (271-3495) so we can check to see if your MEDITECH software needs updating; and there are a few configuration changes necessary. Once complete, your deskjet printers should print PCI documents without difficulty.

Online O/R Scheduling - September 2001
For the last several months we've been rolling out our new capability to allow surgeons to book their O/R case online through MEDITECH. This has been received with overwhelming support and results in far fewer phone calls between the physician office and our hospitals' O/R booking staff. If you are interested in this capability just give Colleen Bornhorst a call (271-3602) and she'll make arrangement to install this for you and your office staff.

Medical Imaging Reports - September 2001
As a result of our implementation of state of the art voice recognition technology we are pleased to report that we've reduced the turnaround time for dictated reports at Albany Memorial Hospital to less than 24 hours! Our Radiologist can now complete reports through VR and electronically sign them at the same time they are dictated. Through direct fax to fax printing we can deliver these reports to your office in a matter of hours rather than days! Physicians have already commented on the dramatic improvement. Our next step will be to implement this technology at Samaritan Hospital in tandem with the renovations currently underway.

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